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Dear students, hello,
     ~Love poetry campaign~
From now until April 21, 108
*Participants: Students studying at the school
*Creation theme:
With the sea (or custom object) as the lover of love, write a love letter to express love (title customization)
* Essay specifications:
(1) Word count: poetry in the form of 15 lines or less
(2) Submission of the work includes:
            Title, creative work, department level, name, student number, contact number
(3) File format, please use Microsoft Word program, Chinese straight horizontal
            book. Title No. 20 standard body, internal text No. 14 body, punctuation
            Beat with a full shape.
*Submission method:
Send the work electronically to ntou.geco@gmail.com
*Reward items: 15 preferred, 500 yuan gift certificate, one certificate.
*For details, please visit the website of the Common Education Center.
Organizer: Common Education Center Language Education Section
Co-organizers: Teaching Center of the Academic Affairs Office and the Extracurricular Activities Guidance Group of the Academic Affairs Office
                                                                          The Common Education Center, 2019.3.20


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