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Administration Staff

Name: Yuan-Hsin Hsu

Title: Administrative Specialist

Campus Extension: 2058

Fax: 886-2-24632371


Official Duties:

1.    The General Education Center official document drafting.

2.    Inventory management of property in the General Education Center

3.    Compiling and filing in data of self-checking, self-assessment tracking, KPI indicators, and teacher research of General Education Center

4.    Filing in university affairs research data relevant to the General Education Center.

5.    Filing in reports on the project results of the General Education Center.

6.    GEC faculty evaluation

7.    The appointment of new GEC faculty

8.   The promotion of GEC faculty

9.   GEC faculty of teaching excellence selection

10.  Matters related to the Language Education Group.

11.  Any other matters assigned by the supervisor.


Name: Po-Yang Chen

Title: Project Assistant

Extension: 2056

Fax: 886-2-24632371


Official Duties:

1.    Management of all general education courses (course opening, course selection, manual selection), excluding Chinese language courses

2.    Credit transfer for the entire school's common courses (excluding Chinese language courses)

3.    Review of credits of general education courses as graduation requirement

4.    Preparing for the meetings of the Language Section, the Liberal Arts Education Section, and the Center Curriculum Committee.

5.    Matters related to the MOOCs courses.

6.    The administration duties related to the Liberal Arts Education Section.

7.    Classroom allocation.

8.    Application matters related to gender awards.

9.    Any other matters assigned by the supervisor.


Name: Chun-Ju Wang

Title: Project Assistant

Extension: 2002

Fax: 886-2-24632371


Official Duties:

1.    Drafting of official documents and the reports at the Chinese Language Center meetings and the administration meetings, accounting affairs of the Optimization Project, and matters related to the management of classes (course opening, course selection, and manual selection).

2.   Assisting in the Program of Introduction to Marine Science.

3.   Assisting in the Program of Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

4.   Assisting in speech contests of GEC

5.    Assisting in E-classroom maintenance (equipment, environment)

6.    Managing matters related to foreign students' Chinese language courses

7.    Managing the freshman writing system.

8.   GEC webpage maintenance.

9.    Managing matters of GEC teachers’ parking fees, and labor and national health insurance.

10.  Taiwan Hakka Research and Promotion Center website maintenance.


Name: Tsai-Li Yang

Title: Project Assistant

Extension: 2059


Official duties:

1. Planning and organizing short-term Chinese language study groups from overseas

2. Planning and organizing overseas teacher training programs for teaching Chinese as a foreign language

3. Planning, consultation and student recruitment for Chinese as a foreign language classes

4. General affairs and student visa matters related to Chinese as a foreign language classes

5. Admission consultation, application, and advise to Chinese language scholarship students

6. Webpage and Facebook fan page management, art editing and information announcement for the Chinese Language Center


Name: Che-Yao Wang

Title: Administrative Clerk

Extension: 2057

Fax: 886-2-24632371

Official Duties:

1.    GEC announcement release

2.   Managing the incoming and outgoing documents

3.   Assisting in the maintenance and management of E-classrooms.

4.   Assisting in the management of equipment

5.   Assisting teachers in handouts and test sheet printing.

6.   Any other matters assigned by the supervisor